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World Leaders should insist China to end Rohingya Genocide

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China is one of the vital stakeholders in Rohingya issue as it has core investment in Arakan State of Myanmar. Without Chinese consent, genocidal process against Rohingya never end. I have written many times that China directly involved in Rohingya Genocide.

When China had contracted Golden Gas Project with Myanmar, majority Rakhine protested against it in April 2012. On 28 May 2012, regime and head of Rakhine extremists, Dr. Aye Maung organized violence killing 10 Muslims in Toungup township, Soon after that violence, they started violence against Rohingya on June 5 in Maungdaw and on 8 June of 2012 in Sittwe and other townships.

Their main purpose of violence was to draw Rakhine’s attention away from the Chinese projects and to fulfill genocidal program of Dictator Ne Win on Rohingya. Rohingya have been denied citizenship rights and are viewed by the local authorities as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh though they have been living in Arakan since centuries ago. Myanmar’s Buddhist majority is often accused of subjecting them to discrimination and violence.

Mature politicians never make the difference of thought and opinions a means of violence. However, no one has the right to tolerate those understandings and views that separate people into camps and destroy the society. Tolerance of segregation in Arakan means closing your eyes to the Rohingya’s extinction.

China knows well how to benefit from Rohingya issue and which will be beneficial to their own system but they should never neglect benefiting from the experiences of the experienced. Many Muslim leaders including Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai have urged Myanmar to end genocidal operations against Rohingya but Myanmar cares no one, not even UN resolution that caused the humanitarian crisis worsen in Rakhine.

Muslim leaders did their best to help them sending humanitarian aid which became a good income for the regime.

Since 25 August 2017, more than 300,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh, escaping from massacre. It’s not the first time they have been forced from their homes. Myanmar has been driving Rohingya out of Arakan through persecution since 1970s.

Whatever violence against Rohingya took place in Arakan, though many media named them “Communal Conflict or clash” “Sectarian violence” “Ethnic tension”, they all are pre planned genocidal programs against Rohingya.

Like all other ethnics of Myanmar, we had national identity cards till 1989. Those National Registration were snatched away from Rohingyas in 1990 to make them stateless by the State’s NaSaKa terror group.

Unless the international community stands with Rohingya, the most persecuted people in the world, they all would extinct. Their movements, education, access to healthcare and career have been heavily restricted since 1990. For five decades, Rohingya have been denied their most basic rights, and are being killed on a daily basis.

China can easily solve Rohingya issue if it has intention to do. “Let conflicts and civil war grow in Myanmar to harvest as mush as possible” is a Chinese political strategy towards Myanmar. All Muslim leaders do want to end Rohingya Genocide but none of them wants to hurt Chinese relationship.


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