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Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad should call for Myanmar again to be expelled from Asean

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Dr. Mahathir suggested Asean to expel Myanmar from it to end “Rohingya genocide “in June 2015. He urged Asean as well the United Nations to take action against Myanmar. “If you (Myanmar) want to commit genocide, leave Asean,” he said.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad became the World’s oldest Prime Minister after defeating Najib Razak in a fiercely contested election. Being Prime Minister at the age of 92, he encourages politicians to do something good for mankind even in their last breaths as in a tradition “Plan a seed for future generation even in your last breath. Under his rule, Malaysia transformed into one of the Asian economic tigers of the 1990s – prestige projects such as the Petronas Twin Towers demonstrated the extent of his ambitions.

China controls Myanmar by establishing its mega-projects and supporting Myanmar generals who commit Rohingya Genocide. It directly involved in 2012 Rohingya massacre by Buddhist extremists to complete its Golden Gas project in Kyaukpyu of Rakhine State.

Chinese policy toward Myanmar, is to ensure safety of its interests in Myanmar by supporting Burmese criminals and ignoring human security. On the eve of the Rohingya genocide, Chinese leaders visit and help Myanmar generals. To complete its Myitsone Dam project, a strategic plan of Myanmar genociders, army is killing Kachin civilians in a daily basis.

The Rohingya community has been being persecuted in Myanmar for decades and they have lived in the ghettos with severe restrictions on movement and access to health services since 1990s. More than 140,000 Rohingya whose homes were burnt down during the State back violence of 2012, still live in the concentration camps built for internally displaced people in Sittwe, Pauktaw, Myebon, Minbya, Kyaukpyu, Kyauktaw and Mrauk U. Thein Sein government staged the violence and gave it a name “intercommunal violence” that killed hundreds of Rohingyas.

Since Aug 25, 2017, some 750,000 Rohingya, mostly children and women, fled Myanmar when Myanmar forces launched a crackdown on the Rohingya community, according to the Amnesty International. At least 9,000 Rohingya were killed in Rakhine state from Aug 25 to Sept 24, according to Doctors Without Borders. The US and the UN termed the crackdown “ethnic cleansing”.

The aims and purposes of ASEAN are economic growth, regional peace and stability. Cooperative peace and shared prosperity shall be the fundamental goals of ASEAN. To maintain regional peace and stability, ASEAN must urge Myanmar to end Rohingya genocide immediately and abolish its fascist and Nazi like policies of the State against Rohingya, Muslims, and Christians.

Myanmar’s State Policy forces thousands of Myanmar people including Rohingya to leave the country. Increasing number of unemployment causes influx of illegal workers to its neighboring countries especially Malaysia. Millions of Burmese people illegally stay and work in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Myanmar’s fascist policy becomes a threat for ASEAN.


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