Former and current Minister for Immigration and Population of Myanmar U Khin Yi and U Thein Swe urged to keep all Rohingya in the ghettos ceaselessly while interviewed regarding National Verification Card (NVC) on April 25, 2018.

Both of them rejected the saying of Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, U Win Myat Aye who told the refugees in Bangladesh “those who hold NVCs can go everywhere. He told the refugees “If you get NVCs, you will get the freedom to travel, housing projects, vocational training and easy access to education and healthcare” while visited refugee camps in Bangladesh on April 19, 2018.

He delivered the similar lecture to IDPs of Sittwe on April 18, 2018. He told the IDPs that if they accepted NVC, they could go everywhere and could be citizens within five months. He also told them about the development of Rakhine, based on suggestions by the Rakhine Advisory Commission, the readiness for the repatriation process by Myanmar, the humanitarian aid provided in Rakhine, UEHRD’s resettlement project, the registration for NVCs and its benefits and the ongoing process of closing IDP camps that were established in 2012.

Military junta confiscated NRC cards of Rohingya in 1990s and replaced it with White Cards which could be defined temporary scrutiny cards. When international community put pressure on Thein Sein Government, white card program was withdrawn and all Rohingya returned their white cards to the authority. Now, NLD government has been trying to deceive the World as well as Rohingya with NVC Cards, Identity Cards for National Verification in which it openly mentions that holding this card does not testify that card holder is Myanmar citizen.

Both Ministers; Khin Yi and Thein Swe simultaneously said “Holding NVC does not mean citizen. As White card holders were kept under restriction, NVC holders are not allowed to travel even one township to another. They cannot get citizenship within five months. They should be verified according to 1982 law.” According to Khin Yi, both White Card and NVC are control mechanism; both have restrictions. NVC holders must not be allowed to travel freely.

Concept of NVC is 100 times worse than “White Card” which did not mention ” holder of it cannot claim citizen of Myanmar”. NVC is a genocidal card to eliminate Rohingya. State Media has been continuously spreading propaganda against Rohingya referring them illegal Bengali from Bangladesh. Rohingya have been being forced to accept NVC since 2016.

“We have been under persecution since 1965. We have been in the ghettos since 2012. Town Administration is forcing us to accept NVC to make us illegal Bengali. We have been facing genocide. How long do we need to wait restore our rights? Where is justice? questioned a Rohingya primary teacher from Thae Chaung (Dabaing) of Sittwe hopelessly.

Two Ministers; Win Myat Aye and U Thein Swe addressed completely opposite concepts about NVC. These media links recorded their words in details.


Former Minister for Immigration and Population of Myanmar, U Khin Yi clearly said “Rohingya must be kept under control mechanism, they must not be allowed to travel holding NVC, they are a threat for the sovereignty” during interview on April 25, 2018.


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