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Rohingya Genocide: The worst failure of United Nations since its formation

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The World’s educators should clarify the case of Rohingya honestly ; genocide or ethnic cleansing, to punish perpetrators who have been targeting Rohingya for the destruction of their history, ethnic identity and the whole population.

The international scholar community should study the concept of Rohingya Genocide which is being named ethnic cleaning to save genociders. Unlike ethnic cleansing, the term “genocide” commonly refers to mass murder but punishable under the jurisdiction of the Convention. There is no punishment mentioned in the Convention for ethnic cleansing.

Like Rwandan genocide that left up to one million people dead, Rohingya Genocide program of Burmese perpetrators have killed uncountable Rohingya since 1970; UN released many statements including Rohingya are the most persecuted ethnic minority on Earth but no World Organization has ever attempted to record death of Rohingya through persecution.

Kofi Annan, who was the head of UN peacekeeping forces, accused of failing to stop Rwanda Genocide, is now helping Burmese genociders using some recommendations without mentioning atrocities of Genociders against Rohingya.

As United Nations has not determined the violence against Rohingya in Myanmar as genocide, Burmese perpetrators including Aung San Suu Kyi continue genocidal operation against Rohingya; forcing them to accept NV Cards and to make them illegal immigrants, arbitrarily arrest, torture and block to starve. The convention defines genocide as acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. Intention of Burmese perpetrators is destruction of Rohingya in whole.

Myanmar regime has been persecuting Rohingya since 1970 . The country’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi becomes the cruelest perpetrator who let military to wipe out all Rohingya through mass killing, gang rape, burning houses, looting and forcing them to accept National Verification Cards.

” In Myanmar, National Verification has been started providing Scrutiny Cards for all ethnics except Rohingya since 1990. Rohingyas’ National Registration Cards were confiscated by NaSaKa, State’s genocidal border guard forces and replaced them with white cards by the military junta. Now, Suu Kyi government is forcing us to accept NVC instead of Scrutiny Cards. Why?

Which law of Myanmar mentions to provide us NVC ? We feel issuing NVC for us is a genocidal program of Myanmar government because under the law, everyone must be treated equally. For Buddhists, Scrutiny Cards and for Rohingya NVC means “we are under genocide process of Myanmar regime.” said Maung Kyaw Tint from Thae Chaung Concentration Camp of Sittwe.

State Counsellor of Myanmar Suu Kyi is 100 percent responsible issuing discriminatory NVC against the citizenship law of Myanmar to make us illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. She is not only supporting the military leaders but also planning to make us Bengali immigrants. Though both Thein Sein and Suu Kyi government burnt down Rohingyas’ legal documents, international community should determine based on the former official records taken before 1990 and kept in the Central Immigration Department of Myanmar. said Ali Husein from BuMay of Sittwe.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), some 588,800 Rohingya have entered Bangladesh since the violence erupted in Myanmar on August 25. Suu Kyi government has no intention to repatriate them demanding documents which have been burnt down by her military.

“Rohingya issue” in Myanmar is State Policy of Genocide. United Nations should determine it as “Genocide” not “ethnic cleansing”.


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