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Rohingya in Aung Mingalar worse than Hitler’s ghettos

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State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi formed a committee for Peace, Stability and Development in Rakhine State consists of 27 officials, including all government cabinet members as well as Rakhine state government representatives which shapes worse than former government’s violation against Rohingya.

Aung Mingalar is the only Rohingya quarter in capital Sittwe remains unburnt during State’s sponsored violence in 2012. After violence, there were more than 12000 Rohingya in Aung Mingalar but as restrictions of authority caused life very difficult, many Rohingya left and nearly 4000 remains now. When honorable George Soros, a man of heart, came to Aung Mingalar during Thein Sein administration and saw the situation, he commented it exactly similar ghetto of Nazi Hitler.

Taking picture of Rohingya again by police when return from Dapaing
Taking picture of record before departing from Aung Mingalar to Dapaing
Body check and let getting in police car

Now, under NLD administration, it became 100 times worse than Thein Sein era: 100s of restrictions are being installed against Rohingya compare to Thein Sein era, if anyone needs to go Dapaing or ThaeChaung to find food for his or her survival, police takes pictures of them, body check, record detail reason to go out, family history and have to sign accept all restrictions.


Yesterday, authority sent an official notice regarding verification and an oral threat against Rohingya live in Aung Mingalar, Sittwe. It is said if anyone disagree to accept NVC card, a genocidal card which makes Rohingya illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and which is not related any law of Myanmar, cannot go out to find food or meet other necessary things. In short, NLD government is forcing to accept NVC cards to make all Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

Official letter regarding verification on 21.6.2016


US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Fortify Rights, United to End Genocide, and ASEAN Parliamentary for Human Right, have documented abuses and warned about the high risk of genocide and mass atrocities in Myanmar. Yale Law School’s Human Rights Clinic has found strong evidences that Rohingya genocide is already taking place in Arakan, Myanmar.

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