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Report of Amnesty International sparks a new fire on Rohingya in Myanmar

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With the latest report of Amnesty International, Myanmar government has started spreading a new propaganda against Rohingya through national media.

Soon after releasing it, all Myanmar national media repeatedly announcing the news related to the report and showing a big picture to the public that whatever happened in Northern Rakhine in 2016 and 2017 were brutal actions of ARSA terrorists.

Township Administrator of Maungdaw organized a press conference on May 25 and showed a video to convince the journalists that ARSA terrorist group burnt Rohingyas homes in Ratheduang, Buthidaung, and Maungdaw, they killed Mro, Htet, Hindu as well as Rohingya brutally. Development media group wrote.

Myanmar government and military have consistently blamed ARSA for the killings of Hindus in Ah Nauk Kha Maung Seik village, while Rohingya activists, pointing some logical evidence, have blamed Myanmar security forces. Amnesty report was based on interviews with Hindu survivors of the massacre but some Rohingya activists have doubts if they were real survivors or government informers.

Amnesty International wants justice for all including Hindu in Northern Rakhine. We have no objection for that but the report is being misused by Myanmar government to blame only Rohingya for the crimes committed by Burmese security forces. Myanmar government misinterprets and misuses the report to cover genocidal atrocities of Myanmar army against Rohingya.

The Rohingya in Rakhine State have for decades suffered systematic discrimination by the Myanmar authorities. Amnesty International has concluded that the deeply discriminatory way the authorities treated the Rohingya, even before the atrocities from August 2017 onward, amounted to the crime against humanity of apartheid.

Following the 25 August attacks these violations and crimes reached a peak, with unlawful killings, rapes, and burning of villages on a large-scale, leading the majority of the population to flee the country. Nothing can justify such violations. But similarly, no atrocities can justify the massacre, abductions, and other abuses committed by ARSA against the Hindu community, as documented in this briefing. Amnesty International concluded.

Senior UN officials have said the response amounted to ethnic cleansing and that Myanmar’s security forces may have committed genocide. Amnesty International’s research is the first published by an international human rights group to document in detail alleged atrocities by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

It said masked ARSA fighters killed as many as 99 Hindus near a remote village named Kha Maung Seik shortly after launching the coordinated attacks on security posts. ARSA rejected the Amnesty Report on Hindu Villagers Killed in Maungdaw of Myanmar.

“Myanmar government arrested and charged former Rohingya Parliament Member for USDP, U Aung Zaw Win for supporting ARSA financially. Win was much closed to all key figures of USDP party and most of the Myanmar generals.

If he involved in ARSA, then all generals and UDSP leaders would be the supporters of ARSA. International Investigation is essential to find out the real perpetrators committed atrocities against Rohingya as well as Hindu and other ethnics in Northern Rakhine. Amanullah, a Rohingya high school teacher from Maungdaw said.


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