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Heartbreaking facts of Rohingya women and girls

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In the history of militarism, Myanmar generals play the role of rapists, arsonists, dacoits and innocent people killers. Like negative role in the movies, if any group wants to reward rapists for their crimes, Myanmar generals including Than Shwe, Min Aung Hlaing and Khin Nyunt will be champions of the rapists.

On 28.11.2016, a twelve years old Rohingya girl, Buthini, from Tay Mi Ywa (Thammi Fara) of Buthidaung, went out home after her lunch to play with the goats raised by her family. As she behaves childishly, her parents call her Buthini which means slow learner. As goats were running and she was chasing them, they reached near the mountain, 300 yards distance from her village.

Suddenly, three Myanmar soldiers who were patrolling grasped her like three wild beasts. One of them closed her mouth with a small towel and raped her one by one. She lost her consciousness and bleeding. At 3PM, when her father Sayed Karim found her in that situation, he collapsed completely, nearly half an hour, he could not stand.

Later he carried her to the village crying “Wild Beast attacked my child”. There is no nurse, no doctor, and curfew in active. On 29.11.2016, at 9 AM, Buthini got her conscious back. According to her expression, up to second rapist, she had consciousness. Karim said if someone burns me alive, I could be bearable but they did my daughter inhumanely. Buthini is still serious if any reliable media get permission to reach there, please feel free to get the contact number of victim’s father from me.

On 28.11.2016, I wrote that Army Battation-232 besieged Rohingya village KyanPauk (KyaingTaunk) of Buthidaung and raped 12 Rohingya girls and women, arrested 8 girls and 8 men were beaten severely. Out of 12 rape victims, everyone was raped by 4 or 5 soldiers, except the pregnant women (6 months), she was raped by three; she was nearly to have a miscarriage. She is still in a critical condition without medical access.

On 25.11.2016, 89 Rohingya women and teenagers from Sin Thay Pyin village of Long Don Village Tract, Maungdaw, were forced to go to the school field by Myanmar military and Border Guards Post. They were ordered to take off their clothes, whoever hesitated to do so, were beaten, then, made all of them to lie on the ground, made fun of their private parts, assaulted and sexually molested them by whipping on their naked private parts by those beast-like military and Border Guards.

After that they were humiliated by forcing them to parade around the roads and troops were making fun of them; exactly the same humiliation of Jews by Nazis.

A woman’s modesty cannot be bought with gold. Myanmar army has been humiliating and raping women of every ethnic; Shan, Kayin, Kachin, Mon, and Rohingya since 1960s. Generals of Myanmar claim themselves that they are parents of public. Their mouths always say “Buddha” “Buddha” but their hands act contrariwise.

As in the Burmese proverb “A master bears responsibly for his wayward charge and parents for their errant child”, nation-wide gang-rapes, torching homes of civilians, dacoity of public properties and killing innocent people are lactics and military strategy of Myanmar Generals to defeat all ethnics and minorities of Myanmar.

Since early October, 2016, rapist army of Myanmar raped 450 Rohingya women including teenagers and children, they robbed valuable things from 1000s of Rohingya like standard dacoits on Earth, torched more than 2000 Rohingya’s homes, and killed more than 700 innocent Rohingya civilians.

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