Rohingya hoped before the election that NLD government would ease Rohingya’s difficulties and lift genocidal blockage which caused life impossible for Rohingya in Arakan State of Myanmar but situation became bad to worse under new administration. NLD government has been trying to make all Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh by forcing to accept genocidal NVC Cards in which it mentions that holder of this card cannot claim to be citizen of Myanmar. At the same, Rakhine police officers and Rakhine extremists groups led by ANP spread false accusation against Rohingya everywhere in Arakan and arbitrarily arrest Rohingya.

Two Rohingya from Peikthay village of Kyauktaw, Arakan, Abu Ahmed, 52 years old and U Maung Toe, 38 years old,were detained and took under police custody without any reason at 9 pm, today 26.6.2016. They were standing outside the Mosque in which fasting prayer called Taraweeh, was being performed. Abu Ahmed is former village administrator. When acting administrator of Peikthay village went to the police station to know the reason, a police officer said there is no such persons in our custody. Administrator of Peikthay, who is a Rohingya, said “50 policemen came to our village while we were praying and arrested two villagers and now you are saying they are not here, missing, how is possible? Police officer said ” It was not our team arrested those, we will investigate later.”

At 11pm, police released those two Rohingya on condition that they should persuade people to accept NVC cards. Recently, in Apuakwa of Kyauktaw, Rakhine extremists constructed iron fence around the Rohingya’s farmlands and confiscated their lands with help of Town Administrator even Rohingya have documents of the lands giving an excuse that a Rohingya teased a Rakhine girl which was a false allegation against him. Now, Rakhine extremists led by ANP are planning to attack 3 Rohingya villages of Kyauktaw; Apaukwa, Gopi Taung and Rohingya Fara.



State’s policy became worse than Thein Sein era towards Rohingya community. State could convince EU not to use the term Rohingya successfully that paved the way to increase genocidal persecution. Rohingya have been being kept under genocidal blockage after state baked violence against Rohingya in 2012, they have no fundamental human rights at all.


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Aung Aung is a Rakhine-based Activist blogging from inside Myanmar.