Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar Yanghee Lee. (UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré)


A group of Rohingya that attacked Myanmar border guards in October 9 is accused a foreign back organization by ICG like Myanmar government which called it a terrorist group.

ICG claimed that it had interviewed four members of the group in Rakhine State and two outside Myanmar, as well as individuals in contact with members via messaging apps. As far as I know, no one from ICG could interview any member of Al-Yaqin. I wrote before about the certain group both in English as well as in Burmese.

After reading the reports, I hardly could contact one of the Al-Yaqin member who vigorously denied such kind of interview with any media or any member of a group. He said “We had honestly and sincerely announced whatever we did; we are independent with no link to any foreign country. We even appealed everyone publicly not to trust those who claim they are members of Al-Yaqin and raise money or any person outside Myanmar represents in the name of Al-Yaqin.

“Al-Yaqin was not formed after communal violence in 2012 and none of its member fought in other conflicts and its leader was not born in Karachi rather in Arakan; Myanmar.”

The main goals of Al-Yaqin are to end the decades-long persecution of the Rohingya and restoration of all stolen rights by Myanmar regime. Abu Amaar Junooni who led the attacks said many times that “We stand here to get our rights back, not to harm Buddhists or public, we are not terrorists, Myanmar leaders who have been committing atrocities against us, are the real terrorists“.

As Myanmar has been using land, navy and air force, extra-judicial killing, mass rape, intense arbitrarily arrest and the torching of villages to crack down our activities, we temporarily ceased our movement since November 12, said the certain anonymous.

Since 1970s, Myanmar regime has been persecuting Rohingya. Though UN recognized them the most persecuted on Earth, ICG did not attempt for the action. In 2012, State’s sponsored violence displaced more than 140,000 Rohingya and Thein Sein kept all Rohingya in the concentration camps and ghettos.New civilian government, instead of lifting the blockage and restriction, increased them and forcing Rohingya to accept NVC cards.

I wrote 100s of news articles related to the genocidal blockage. Instead of taking action for Myanmar’s genocidal policies, ICG wants the problem more complicated writing “The World’s newest Muslim insurgency“. Does common sense identify a group with swords and sticks as a well-organized World’s insurgence group?

The ICG nominated Thein Sein who staged genocidal violence against us in 2012 for peace prize before and now, it shares the army and government’s view that the Rohingya don’t really deserve equal treatment as full citizens. Myanmar government must address the underlying causes of Rohingya’s anger that is pushing Al-Yaqin youth towards insurgency. These causes include long-standing persecution, a sense of alienation from the political process in Myanmar, arbitrary restrictions on movement from 1970 to 1990 and genocidal operations since 1992.

Rohingya have the absence of any hope for the situation improving in the foreseeable future. The Scottish geographer, botanist and zoologist Francis Buchanan-Hamilton who in 1799 wrote that a people called “Rooinga” lived in what is now northwestern Arakan State. In the 20th century, Moshe Yegar wrote explicitly that Rohingya are the same people (Rooinga) who lived in 1799 in Arakan. But racist leaders of Myanmar have been denying existence of Rohingya as a State’s program of Genocide.

Until the State’s Policy be changed to the norm, no Rohingya in Arakan can be safe. The Idea that Buddhists must be first class citizens and the Muslims, second class, produced tendency for Rohingya Genocide.

Committing mass killing, gang rape and torching our homes, Buddhist government gains nothing rather losing its future and pain. Assad in Syria and racist Buddhist leaders in Myanmar have ruined millions of innocent children’s lives who could build a better World of peace for nothing. Until genociders of the World be charged for their crimes, humanity remains in no peace.

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Aung Aung is a Rakhine-based Activist blogging from inside Myanmar.