Nobel Laureates who want the UN Security Council to end “ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity of Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner of 1991, who is responsible as a State Counsellor. (Photo – Muhammad Yunus)


A true Buddhist Rakhine policeman who felt hurt in his heart when border guards were kicking, torturing and humiliating innocent Rohingya civilians brutally, filmed a shocking video clip and passed it to social media in hope someone might save Rohingya. The incident of the tortures and humiliations of the Rohingya villagers took place at the village Koe Tan Kauk of Rathedaung Township on November 5, 2016.

Since 1970s, the Rohingya became the most persecuted minority on Earth. They have been being forced to live in the concentration camps and ghettos since 2012. They have been denied citizenship in their homeland, Myanmar and are accused of being illegal migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh though they had right to vote like other ethnics of Myanmar and to be elected in the parliament constituency up to 2010.

Thousands of Rohingyas try to escape the misery in the ghettos of Arakan across the Andaman Sea on small fishing boats hoping to reach Malaysia and other countries. Many of them died in the sea and in the forest of Thailand and Malaysia.

Twenty-three of the world’s most prominent human rights voices, including 13 Nobel Laureates such as Malala Yousafzai, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Richard Branson, are calling on the United Nations Security Council to intervene to end “ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity” in western Myanmar.

As Rohingya are being forced to leave through genocidal operations and they are being shot to death and torturing to death or left them starve to death, it becomes a responsibility of every one those who respect human rights and human dignity. Dozens of the stateless Rohingya minority have been killed and tens of thousands displaced since October, when a fresh bout of state-sponsored violence hit restive in Maungdaw District.

The current militarization of the region — where access is heavily restricted to aid workers and journalists — has precipitated violence with the same “hallmarks” of past genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo and Darfur, reads the open letter published by the Yunus Centre.

Before 2015 election, Aung San Suu Kyi promised public to amend military’s 2008 constitution and apartheid citizenship law of 1982 but after the election, she follows foot steps of notorious generals and started violence in Kachin and Arakan against Muslims and Christians. She recently met the foreign ministers of neighboring Southeast Asian nations and demanded the “time and space to solve Rohingya issue but after the meeting she speed up spreading propaganda against Rohingya and let military to continue atrocities against them.

Regarding recent atrocities in Maungdaw District, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar Yanghee Lee said the situation is “getting very close to what we would all agree are crimes against humanity”. Many Nobel Laureates urge Aung San Suu Kyi to end Rohingya persecution in Arakan and restore their rights but she wants to continue genocidal operations against Rohingya deceiving the World that there is no persecution in Arakan and blames international community for the “fabrication”, a term she prefers to use for the Rohingya persecution.

There is no justification for extending China and ASEAN’s principle of non-interference to a situation such as the Rohingya crisis in which hundreds of thousands of refugees have resulted from a calculated use of terror tactics like rape and murder, and that risks genocide and large-scale crimes against humanity.

NGOs and democratic governments should strongly condemn human rights abuses against the Rohingya and other Myanmar minorities in order to promote universal human rights. Shareholders should demand social responsibility from their Boards of Directors. Authoritarian governments should not be allowed to use the excuse of non-interference to hide their human rights abuse.”


As you seen in the video clip, Rohingya villagers were being tortured from 10AM of 5.11.2016 to 3PM of 6.11.2016 without food and water in Koe Tan Kauk village of Rathedaung.

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