After warning for destruction of Mosque, trust committee discuss to appeal government, Lay Pyin, Kachin State. (Photo : via Facebook)

On 20.6.2016, State’s sponsored terrorist group, MaBaTha ordered to destroy a Mosque in Lay Pyin village, Kachin State of Burma. Recently, two pagodas were built in Church area and besides the Mosque in Kachin State, a Muslim Imam and his family were arrested on a false allegation of teasing a Buddhist girl, a Rohingya was arrested accusing rape of a Buddhist girl and authority is forcing Rohingya in Arakan to accept genocidal  NVC cards make them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. All these widespread violations against Christians, Muslims and Rohingya are going on under so-called civilian government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Rakhine state security and border affairs minister Colonel Htein Lin forcing Rohingya to accept NVC cards in Buthidaung town on 20.6.2016
Rakhine state security and border affairs minister, Colonel Htein Lin forcing Rohingya to accept NVC cards in Buthidaung town on 20.6.2016


Among all State-back crimes against humanity, genocidal persecution against Rohingya is undeniable reality in this modern time, a threat to human value, a systematic attack which is essential to be evaluate with a fair commission of crimes against humanity.

There was no communal conflict, no sectarian violence in Burma, whatever violation is going on against minorities including Rohingya as well as Christians and Muslims are based on State policy which has trained MaBaTha terrorist group and mobs, gave permission to protest and spread deep hatreds of non-Buddhists.

State lets terrorist group, MaBaTha stages protests across the country against Rohingya and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi uses it as an excuse not to use the term Rohingya which is a historical name of indigenous people of Arakan since 14th century. All Rohingya are being kept under genocidal ghettos without having any single fundamental human rights including right of social, education, faith, health care and livelihood.

World Community should arrange an independent investigation into all violations, genocidal persecution and discrimination based on race and religion which are given a name, building Myanmar style democratic country. As current policy of Myanmar is established on fascist ideology, law and order, judiciary system and administrative system are not only against principles of democracy but also committing crimes against humanity.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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