Minister of Religious Affairs, Thura U Aung Ko explained State Counsellor,  Aung San Suu Kyi the preparation for her late Father Bogyoke Aung San Museum at Yangon, on July 17, 2016. (Photo – Thura U Aung Ko / Facebook)


Myanmar’s religious affairs ministry plans to write a book to prove the Rohingya are not indigenous to the country. It said “The real truth is that the word Rohingya was never used or existed as an ethnicity or race in Myanmar’s history.”

Every secondary student knows well the concept of history but Myanmar leaders and some scholars do not know the concept. They think they can write whatever they want as history. History is the bodies of knowledge about the past produced by historians, not to destroy a nation but to preserve their history.

History is vital importance for the society, it must be based on evidence and logical thought, not on specious theory or political ideology. Primary sources form the basic “raw material” of history; they are sources which came into existence within the period being investigated. If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything.

Encyclopedia of Myanmar, history of Burma and many historical books including high school textbook and University textbook of Myanmar mentioned Rohingya as indigenous ethnic of Burma. The prominent historian of Burma, Dr. Than Tun wrote Rohingya have lived since 1000 years ago.

Regime has tried to erase history of Rohingya in five decades. Though Burmese generals could destroy many historical Mosques of Rohingya, they could not remove the true facts of Rohingya from the pages of history books. Now, Myanmar government is trying to write a new history book without Rohingya like savage people.

Savage people are usually cruel, oppressive, bloodthirsty and denigrators of history as they usually live by plundering. One becomes truly civilized only when all human virtues and potentialities have been developed to the degree that they become second nature.


The State is responsible for decades of deadly indiscriminate attacks on civilian Rohingya conducted by the military, forcing Rohingya to abandon their homes and villages, while denying them food, water, shelter, and medical care, or locking them in concentration camps secured by armed guards. The perpetrators’ racially motivated statements are used to increase hate and resentment of Rohingya, as is a media campaign to establish ethnic solidarity on the basis of an enemy ‘other’ which is to be both feared and hated.

The Rohingya crisis exists not just because Rohingya in Burma are being denied their rights, including religious freedom; there also is a strategic and malicious political dynamic at play, one that has not vanished simply because the 2015 elections are over.

If the NLD government aspires to a true democratic form of government that respects and protects universal human rights, it must take bold, decisive, and immediate steps to change the current trajectory for Rohingya. Denying existence of Rohingya is State’s intention to commit Rohingya Genocide.

Because of Nazi-like State Policy, no one can claim citizen of Myanmar because no one has citizenship ID, most of the people hold Scrunity Cards, not citizenship cards. I wrote it before as Impact of Indentity in Myanmar.

A map showing South-East Asia during 500 and 1500 AD as appeared in the Time Atlas of World History indicating Arakan as an independent Muslim kingdom.


As many high officers, Ministers, Army General , Advisers, Writers and Doctors in the palace of Arakan in 14-15 century, it was known as a Islamic State though it had Buddhist Kings with Islamic Titles.
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