General Maung Maung Ohn and Border Minister Colonel Htin Lin encouraged Buddhist monks to gather and hold protests against Rohingya on 3.7.2016. It was a preplanned attack to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD and Rohingya. The protests were organized after State-back Buddhist mobs torched two Mosques in Waw and Hpakant townships. Most of the protest organizers in the Rakhine State are members of ANP, a party which has been cooperating with generals against democracy and human rights. The protests rejected the term “Muslim community in Rakhine State” proposed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for Rohingya.

Not all Rakhine oppose existence of Rohingya who have been peacefully sharing Arakan, only Awakyuntha, Begali Rakhine deny Rohingya’s existence. A Rakhine Major, Htun Kyaw Oo was sentenced 7 years imprisonment for celebrating Rohingya National day in 1990. Thein Sein government supported Dr.Aye Maung’s Party for segregation in Arakan after State sponsored violence in 2012, result of which severely affected both communities. Generals unleash organized violence via Rakhine extremists.

100s of Rakhine as well as Rohingya had to leave Arakan. 200000 Rakhine are working now in Malaysia, more than 100000 in Thailand and many moved to Yangon. Dr.Aye Maung and his party sold Rakhine’s destiny to China when he met Chinese authority. Every Rakhine knows Rohingya are native of Arakan. ANP, its MaBaTha’s groups and Swenashin group in the name of Buddhist Dhammaryun do not want democracy and continuously attacking Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD with help of genocidaires, generals including Than Shwe and Min Aung Hlaing.The main purpose of protests is to hide real face of Bengali like Dr.Aye Maung and heads ANP and ALP parties who are originally from Bangladesh and continue genocidal persecution of Rohingya accusing illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. There were nearly 3 million Rakhine Buddhists in Bangladesh before 1974, most of them entered influx into Arakan and now only 1 million remains there.

Rohingya exodus has started since 1970s and nearly 2 million Rohingya fled to escape institutionalized persecution in Arakan. Every officer knows who are real Bengali in Myanmar. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi cannot solve Rohingya issue and she has no intention to restore rights of Rohingya. In late June, the UN human right chief urged NLD government to end discrimination and human rights violations against Rohingya and minorities but Suu Kyi’s government failed to protect rights of minorities; in front of police forces, State-back MaBaTha terrorists could torch Mosques.

The UN High Commissioner for human rights called on NLD government to eradicate restrictions of movement, forced labor and sexual abuses against the Rohingya but General Maung Maung Ohn and Htin Lin continue to force Rohingya accept genocidal cards so-called Nation Cards for Verification and encourage Rakhine extremists to oppose Rohingya’s existence. Ms. Yanghee Lee urged the new government to make ending institutionalized discrimination against Rohingya and minorities urgently. New government says no single word to end discrimination based on race and religion, persecution of Rohingya in Arakan and MaBaTha’s terror attack and destruction of Mosques.

International Community should consider Rohingya issue in a deeper and clear way to end institutionalized persecution, State policy against minorities, and the abuses against Rohingya for decades. International Community needs to take action of all genocidaries of Burma as soon as possible or provide international protection.


Demonstration of Rakhine extremists against new government's new term "Muslim community in Rakhine" for Rohingya and to make all Rohingya to be Bengali as a plan of Rohingya elimination on 3rd July 2016.

Demonstration of Rakhine extremists against new government’s new term “Muslim community in Rakhine”  for Rohingya and to make all Rohingya to be Bengali as a plan of Rohingya elimination on 3rd July 2016.


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