The Harvard Foundation honored Myanmar State Counsellor, Aun San Suu Kyi, as the 2016 Harvard Humanitarian of the Year on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. (Photo – HarvardFoundation)


“Ako-lore’ Isha-r’a Be-ako-lore’ Te’-sha-ra’. ( A Rohingya Proverb)

Hints are enough to get the big picture for the intellectuals but stinging satires of the whole World cannot change the attitude of an ignorance.(Nearest translation of the Proverb)

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s government has denied allegations by international organizations of rape, extrajudicial killings and arson against the Rohingya minority by the Burma Army during Clearance Operations in Northern Arakan.

UN Urges State Counsellor, Nobel Laureate Suu Kyi to Visit Maungdaw. Special adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Burma Vijay Nambiar said the State Counsellor should listen to her “inner voice” and ask the people of Burma “to rise above their ethnic, religious and other differences and to advance human dignity, harmony and mutual cooperation between all communities.” Doesn’t she know what kind of atrocities against Rohingya taking place in Northern Maungdaw since 9 October 2016 and who are those Rohingya?

Of course, she knows well about decades long Rohingya persecution and army’s atrocities against them. She said “We have been cooperating very well. We have been working together with military. Because in the Rakhine State, the police and military have had to work together. Of course, the police come under the civilian administration.”

She knows well who are the Rohingya and State’s Policy of Rohingya Genocide but her ignorance doesn’t allow her to utter the reality. She knows about the ongoing genocidal process against Rohingya as she knows her own sons. Then, you may ask me “Why do you use ignorance for her?”

There are two sorts of ignorances. The first is due to lack of education; a person denies a reality because he or she does not know it. The second is obstinate rejection; a person knows but does not accept; he or she is certain issue but does not want to affirm and his or her conscience does not submit. If the person is obstinate, persistent, recalcitrant, and mounted on compounded ignorance, he will not be silent but will defend himself or herself. For it is characteristic of corrupters to look on their corruption as good and useful. For by nature, man does not perpetrate iniquitous acts thinking they are iniquitous.

Regarding the facts of Rohingya Genocide, despite differences in capacity and outlook, Aung San Suu Kyi knows that it has such evidence that it cannot be even doubted. The only way for the denial is to oppose it and display her ignorance and her obstinacy with respect to negative matters that admit neither of denial nor affirmation.

Closing her eyes, she says ” I don’t know Rohingya and genocide is a “fabrication” as if she is denying existence of the Sun though she feels heat and sunlight. It cannot be described what an extraordinary ignorance and foolishness it is, not to recognize Rohingya and deny State’s genocidal process against them.

Like generals, Myanmar State Counsellor is criminally responsible for the unfolding genocide. Saying “Clearance Operations are based on rule of law”, she admitted that law does not represent morality or ethics. Hints are enough to get the big picture of Rohingya Genocide.

Now, thousands of evidences regarding Rohingya persecution by the Burmese authority are available Worldwide. What make you reluctant to ignore the Rohingya? Does your morality allow you to support genociders of Rohingya if you are a true human?

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