The policeman behind the barbed wire fence blocks Rohingya in Aung Mingalar ghetto of Sittwe from their basic human rights and picture taken in October 2012. (Photo : Christophe Archambault/AFP)


A Rohingya Muhammad Amin, 25 years old, father of three, from Sabaraung Fara(LaMaChay village of Sittwe) often goes to Light Infantry Battalion LIB-20 to serve odd jobs of the soldiers instructed by them. He is very familiar with the soldiers in LIB-20. On 17.8.2016, an officer told Amin that “We have goats for sale, if anyone needs to buy, bring them here. The price will be cheaper than market.”

On 18.8.2016, as his brother-in-law wanted to buy a goat. 4 Rohingya including Amin and his brother-in-law went to LIB-20 to buy a goat at 5PM. Amin said ” you wait outside, I go and talk with the officer first” Three persons were waiting outside and Amin went into the LIB-20 compound. A few minutes later, Amin came out and said “they keep goats in their fish farm which is far from here. So you three guys go home now. I will come with goat tomorrow morning. His brother-in-law said ” No, we can come tomorrow, let’s go home with us now. Amin said “Don’t worry, everyone in this LIB-20 knows me, I will be with them.

Amin brother-in-law and another 2 persons returned home. They were waiting for Amin the whole day of 19.8.2016. When 3 persons went to LIB-20 enquring about Amin, officer from LIB said “he did not come here.” On the way, they met a Rakhine who always sells a thing in ThakkayPyin market told them that he saw two soldiers kept one Rohingya in the middle riding on a motorbike went towards Sittwe-Yangon High way on 18.8.2016 around 8PM. Muhammad Amin was taken on a motorbike by two soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion LIB-20 of Sittwe towards a fish farm on 18.8.2016 at 8PM local time. About 8:30PM, three of them reached to a paddy field. One of the soldier said “Please stop. I want to pee”. The soldier who was riding stopped the bike. The place was quite dark. The two soldiers robbed Amin’s money, 140,000 kyats which his brother-in-law gave him for the goat to buy and started punching Amin.

Amin realized they were going to kill him. So he ran as fast as he could towards paddy field where soldier’s bike could not go. After half an hour running, he looked back to see if they were following or not. Amin saw bike’s light from the distant. Amin didn’t know where he was going to. As two hours running made him exhausted, he decided to hide in bush. While taking a rest he looked everywhere to know the direction but he could not recognize the way how to reach a Muslim village. Later, he slept for a while. When he woke he saw a Rakhine village which he knew. It is very dangerous to walk across the Rakhine village. So he decided to spend the whole day (19.8.2016) in the bush hiding.

At night of 19th August, though he was starving, he run as possible as he could. When he reached very close to Muslim Kadin Peik village. He had no energy and it was going to be dawn. So he decided to hide again. The whole day, he was hiding in a place. When sun set, he ran to Kadin Peik and reached there at 7:30PM. Like Amin, every Rohingya’s life is in danger.

There is no “Rule of Law”, no justice, no human rights in Arakan of Burma. Before election, we hoped Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would respect human rights and peace but situation became worse than Thein Sein government. Rohingya are still in the ghettos.

Note: For Amin’s safety, I cannot attach his photo.

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