A group photo of political leaders and ethnic leaders who attend the Peace Union- 21st Century Panglong, Naypyidaw on 31st August, 2016. (Photo : Irrawaddy)


A nation which establishes justice, spreads the fragrance of peace among all citizens, and a nation which deprives rights of minorities based on race or religion, can never find a sustainable solution for the peace and development.

The 21st Century Panglong Conference will be held in the capital Naypyidaw from 31st August to 4th September 2016, to transform the country into a peaceful State. It is crucial to conduct such Conference and civil society organization should be on the front lines and fully inclusive.

The Conference may reflect to the Panglong Conference, held in February 1947, presided by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s father. At the conference of 1947, General Aung San and many ethnic minority leaders agreed to work together in a national government. Based on the rule of the conference, Rohingya was approved by the later Cabinet and “Mayu Frontier” was recorded inhabitation of Rohingya.

We hope Myanmar’s new leadership will install a new State’s policy and remove apartheid policy. Apartheid policy of the State is still visible in every immigration office as a motto of Immigration. “The Earth wills not swallow a race to extinction but another will” The main function of the motto is ethnic cleansing based on race and religion especially Muslims and Christians. Without amending the State’s policy no discussion and negotiation can be possible to achieve a sustainable, inclusive and transformative peace.

One side, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been trying for peace process, on the other hand, Generals have been continuously  launching aerial attacks on Kachin, some regional commanders or generals do not support the peace talks, they have been using MaBaTha extremist groups to spread nation-wide violence.

The new leadership must overcome discrimination, ensure equality and promote inclusive development for all, with full respect for human rights, by ending enforcement of discriminatory law of 1982. There is no such law on Earth exclusively designed to discriminate for a particular race of religion. Law must be enforceable for all citizens equally including President or public.

Ministry of Immigration is still controlled by Army Generals in order to deprive citizenship rights of all minorities. Without citizenship right, no minority including Rohingya can entitle a single basic human rights. To avoid scathing of international community against persecution of minorities, they have planned to use law and deprive rights of minorities in a legal way.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Myanmar on Tuesday that the world is very concerned about the tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees who have been living for more than four years in camps in northern Rakhine state after fleeing violence from the Buddhist majority.

The term “Rohingya” is extremely controversial in Myanmar as a Generals’ program of Genocide. Though it was used officially from 1948-1965, and still remains in many official books and document, it was changed into Chittagonian by Dictator Ne Win, attempted to change it into Bengali by military junta.

The ancestors of the modern Rohingya include the earliest Indo-Aryan inhabitants of Arakan. The Tibeto-Burman ancestors of the modern Rakhine didn’t turn up in Arakan until centuries.To quote Amartya Sen, “The Rohingya didn’t come to Burma. But Burma came to the Rohingya.” Denying existence of Rohingya is committing Rohingya Genocide.

More than 100,000 Rohingya have been living in unsanitary camps since fleeing their homes in Rakhine state starting in 2012, following deadly violence driven largely by Buddhist mobs and nearly one million Rohingya have been being kept under ghettos-like genocidal blockage.

How can the Union Peace be possible ignoring plight of Rohingya Genocide? Who are responsible keeping Rohingya in the ghettos? Why has the State failed to resettle IDPs in their own places? What is the reason of lack of “Rule of Law” in Arakan State?

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